in-cosmetics Global 2017:
New launches

SensAmone P5 und InfraGuard

in-cosmetics Global 2017, London

Mibelle Biochemistry will launch two new active ingredients at in-cosmetics Global 2017

Firstly, Mibelle Biochemistry will present SensAmone P5, a biomimetic peptide based on a component of sea anemone venom. This synthetic pentapeptide was designed to contain the active sequence of a sea anemone protein that inhibits TRPV1, the pain receptor present in skin. The efficient inhibition of pain receptor activation by SensAmone P5 was shown in in vitro studies. In placebo-controlled clinical studies, SensAmone P5 reduced skin sensitivity upon irritation for a relieved and more resistant skin.


Additionally, Mibelle Biochemistry will present InfraGuard, a combination of Caesalpinia spinosa tannins and an extract of sunflower sprouts that protects the skin from the aging effect of infrared radiation. In vitro studies showed that InfraGuard blocks reactive oxygen species formation and inhibits MMP-1 upregulation in fibroblasts after infrared irradiation. Furthermore, a placebo-controlled clinical trial performed with volunteers that spent several weeks of summer vacation in a warm climate revealed that InfraGuard offered considerable skin protection in addition to UV sunscreens.


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