Dr. Fred Zülli


Managing Director of Mibelle Biochemistry

Fred Zülli is the founder and Managing Director of Mibelle Biochemistry. In 1991, he came up with the idea of developing high quality, scientific ingredients for the cosmetic industry based on novel biochemical concepts for the skin. He has since expanded the business and enriched Mibelle Biochemistry’s product portfolio with pioneering product ideas based on the motto “innovating for your success”.


Dr. Cornelia Schürch

Food Engineer, EMBA

Head of Development & Compliance

Cornelia Schürch is Head of Development and Compliance and has been working at Mibelle Biochemistry since 2002. Her responsibilities include the management of product developments as well as those of a regulatory nature. She and her team ensure that Mibelle Biochemistry’s actives are developed using profound know-how and consistently high quality.


Dr. Daniel Schmid


Head of Research

Daniel Schmid has been responsible since 2000 for Mibelle Biochemistry’s research and all of the clinical studies – in-vitro and in-vivo – which prove the high efficacy of the company’s active ingredients. Working closely with his team he designs biochemical concepts for new actives. Many of these concepts have been recognized with international innovation awards.


Esther Belser

Biologist; Marketing Specialist

Head of Marketing

Esther Belser joined Mibelle Biochemistry in 1998. Her role is to define the company’s innovative and comprehensive marketing and communication concepts. Working with her team she is responsible for the global marketing activities and tools.


Michael Müller


Head of Operations

Michael Müller and his team are in charge of production and worldwide distribution, while he is also responsible for infrastructure and the implementation of new technologies.