At the forefront with production and technology, all in-house

Designing, developing and producing under the same roof improves overall efficiency and ensures a dynamic exchange of inspiration and knowledge amongst our skilled and passionate staff. It also grants accuracy, timely production, consistently outstanding quality, and constant availability.

With numerous state-of-the-art technologies we are not only able to develop and produce distinct novel cosmetic actives but also fulfill customer requests in-house:

  • Liposome- and nanoemulsion technology
  • Plant stem cell culture production (PhytoCellTecTM)
  • CM-Glucan production site
  • Snow algae biotechnology
  • Plant extracts
  • Peptide design

Flexible and dynamic processes enable our team to handle different production sizes both efficiently and in time. The basis under which we manufacture these Swiss quality products is the ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

Since the very first innovations that marked our company’s formation, committing to a sustainable technology approach, green chemistry and focusing on the ecosystem throughout the life cycle of our products, has enabled us to design actives responsibly, both now and in the future.