Depolluphane EpiPlus

Depolluphane EpiPlus

New anti-pollution active

Depolluphane EpiPlus

Triple Action to Fight Urban Pollution

Depolluphane EpiPlus is a novel active ingredient developed by Mibelle Biochemistry to protect the skin from urban pollution. Depolluphane EpiPlus not only protects the skin against environmental aggressors and strengthens the skin to easily face the daily stress of city life, it also protects skin cells in the long-term from epigenetic changes caused by pollution.

Depolluphane EpiPlus consists of an organic cress sprout extract and an artichoke extract that are combined with a smart polysaccharide complex in order to protect the skin against pollution.


Depolluphane EpiPlus exerts triple activity:

  • Prevents skin from epigenetic changes
  • Shields skin against particulate matter
  • Activates the skin’s detoxification system

Depolluphane EpiPlus will be launched at in-cosmetics Asia, October 30, 2018. Visit at stand M30 or contact us at More information will be provided on this homepage after the official launch.