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AnaGainTM Nu

AnaGainTM Nu is an unique water-soluble extract prepared from organic pea shoots suitable for food and supplement applications. Developed by a bioassay-guided approach it enhances  FGF7 and Noggin expression, specific signaling molecules in the dermal papilla cells, which favors the natural hair growth cycle to initiate the growth of new hair. Clinical results show that AnaGainTM  Nu reduced hair loss and improved visual hair density.


DracoBelle™ Nu

DracoBelle™ Nu is a natural, high quality and sustainable Moldavian Dragonhead extract rich in flavonoid-glucuronides, spray granulated onto isomalt. Thanks to its unique mode of action as it mimics caloric restriction and clinically proven efficacy DracoBelle™ Nu is a valuable ingredient for each anti-aging and skin health product.



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