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About Depolluphane

Depolluphane is an organic cress sprout extract combined with a smart polysaccharide complex that actively protects the skin from urban pollution. It provides two lines of defense:

1. Depolluphane effectively shields the skin against particulate matter (smoke, air Pollution)

2. Depolluphane fortifies defense mechanisms by activating the skin’s own detoxification enzymes

In vitro studies have demonstrated that Depolluphane induces the production of detoxification enzymes and protects cells from oxidative stress and protein damage caused by pollution. In a placebo-controlled clinical study, Depolluphane shielded the skin against atmospheric pollution and facilitated the removal of microparticles.

Proven Efficacy

  • Activation of skin detox enzymes

  • Protecion of keratinocytes against oxidative stress

  • Protection against protein damage caused by pollution

  • Protection from particulate matter adhesion to the skin

  • Facilitation of rinsing off particulate matter

  • In vivo study

  • In vitro study

Claim Ideas

  • Protects against urban pollution
  • Activates the detoxification system
  • Shields skin against particulate matter
  • Fortifies skin’s own defense mechanism

Plant Source

Cress sprouts for Depolluphane

Garden cress (Lepidium sativum) is an aromatic and slightly pungent edible herb. Cultivation of this species, which is native to Persia and spread many centuries ago to Western Europe, has occurred for a very long time. The sprouts of this fast growing plant have the highest concentration of phytonutrients. These are the compounds in plants that are known for their health promoting properties.

INCI (EU/PCPC) Declaration

Lepidium Sativum Sprout Extract (and) Pullulan (and) Sodium Carboxymethyl Beta-Glucan (and) Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum (and) Maltodextrin (and) Aqua / Water

Recommended Use Level

1 – 2 %

Scientific Publications