Liposomes and nanoparticles

Lipobelle S100/PA

Shine and brilliance for your hair

About Lipobelle S100/PA

Nano-Lipobelle S100/PA is a cationic liposome that is loaded with D-panthenol. Vesicles with a cationic load show a high affinity to the negatively loaded hair surface.

Nano-Lipobelle S100/PA has been specifically designed for hair and has shown itself to be capable of repairing hair structure and improving hair shine. It is suitable for all types of hair care products.

Proven Efficacy

  • In vivo study

  • In vitro study

Claim Ideas

  • Improves hair beauty
  • Helps to protect and repair hair
  • Adheres to the hair

INCI (EU/PCPC) Declaration

Lecithin (and) Panthenol (and) Stearamine (and) Glycerin (and) Alcohol (and) Aqua/ Water

Recommended Use Level

0.2 - 2 %