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NEW LAUNCH MelanoGray™: Rendre leur couleur aux cheveux

Cryo Beauty La tendance beauté la plus cool du moment

Don’t Touch! Comment notre peau perçoit la température et la douleur

Biomimicry un concept pour des innovations plus durables

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Discover the origin of MelanoGray™

Our newest launch, MelanoGray™, is sustainably obtained by upcycling the peel paste from mandarins which exclusively grow on the Greek island of Chios. Join us on a trip to this beautiful sunny island, to find out more about the background and the manufacturing process of this special mandarin.

cryo beauty

Cryo Beauty

The coolest beauty trend of the moment promises younger looking skin and an enviable glow.


Biomimicry: a concept for more sustainable innovations

Biomimicry is an approach that consists of innovating by drawing inspiration from the living, based on solutions adopted over the course of their evolution of nearly 4 billion years. Nature is the world's leading research and development laboratory and is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, whether it be animal, plant, mineral or other, whether the biological model is now extinct or alive.