Formulation: Moisturizing and Repairing Hair Serum with PinoPlex™

Shiny, glossy and voluminous hair is every woman's dream. But the reality is usually quite different. The hair is dry, damaged, matt and full of split ends. With our new active ingredient PinoPlex™ you can get a little closer to your dream.

 PinoPlex™ is a bioinspired upcycling ingredient that is based on pine cones. Pine cones exhibit a fascinating phenomenon: The opening and closing of their scales are based on different weather conditions. In humid weather, the cone scales are closed, while in dry weather they are splayed or open. As soon as dry cone scales are in contact with water, they close.

We were inspired by this process for PinoPlex™. When the hair is sufficiently moisturized, the cuticle is smooth and the hair appears healthy, vital and beautiful.

Formulation: Leave-in Repairing Hair Serum with PinoPlex™

To ensure that the hair serum does not weigh down the hair, I have added a natural gum to the base of this formula, which is non-sticky and leaves a soft feeling, and a light O/W emulsifier. The formula contains two different oils for care: one is a 100% natural silicone alternative, and the other is a high-quality organic passion fruit seed oil. No hair serum without conditioner! An easily degradable esterquat was used for this, which improves the conditioning of both wet and dry hair. The highlight is our PinoPlex™. Studies have shown that it reduces split ends, increases the moisture content in the hair, improves hair shine and smoothes the hair cuticle.

The hair serum can be used on both dry and wet hair.

The Leave-in Repairing Hair Serum with PinoPlex™ serves as an inspiration. Of course, many other formulations can be developed with it. PinoPlex™ can be used in both W/O and O/W emulsions and gels. A high ethanol content (>65%) should be avoided, otherwise precipitation can occur. It may be necessary to buffer the formulation, otherwise the pH of the formulation may continue to fall. For more information, please have a look at our Formulation Guideline.

Have fun formulating!

PinoPlex formula
Written by

Melina Reichmuth