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Inspired by nature - realized by science

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Board Members
Fred Zülli
Ph. D.
Managing Director of Mibelle Biochemistry

Fred Zülli is the founder and Managing Director of Mibelle Biochemistry. In 1991, he came up with the idea of developing high quality, scientific ingredients for the cosmetic industry based on novel biochemical concepts for the skin. He has since expanded the business and enriched Mibelle Biochemistry’s product portfolio with pioneering product ideas based on the motto “innovating for your success”.

Ph. D.
Food Engineer, EMBA
Head of Development & Compliance

Cornelia Schürch is Head of Development and Compliance and has been working at Mibelle Biochemistry since 2002. Her responsibilities include the management of product developments as well as those of a regulatory nature. She and her team ensure that Mibelle Biochemistry’s actives are developed using profound know-how and consistently high quality.

Daniel Schmid
Ph. D.
Head of Research

Daniel Schmid has been responsible since 2000 for Mibelle Biochemistry’s research and all of the clinical studies – in-vitro and in-vivo – which prove the high efficacy of the company’s active ingredients. Working closely with his team he designs biochemical concepts for new actives. Many of these concepts have been recognized with international innovation awards.

Esther Belser
Biologist, Marketing Specialist
Head of Marketing

Esther Belser joined Mibelle Biochemistry in 1998. Her role is to define the overall marketing and communication concepts of the company. With her team, she is responsible for all marketing activities.

Michael Müller
Head of Operations

Michael Müller and his team are in charge of production and worldwide distribution, while he is also responsible for infrastructure and the implementation of new technologies.


Mibelle Biochemistry Switzerland designs and develops unique, high-quality actives for the beauty industry which are based on naturally derived compounds and extensive scientific expertise.

This independent business unit within the Mibelle Group was founded in 1991 by Dr. Fred Zülli in Buchs, Switzerland. In a short period of time, Mibelle Biochemistry has developed an excellent reputation throughout the world as a creator of innovative active ingredient concepts as well as being a real expert in the fields of biotechnology and biochemistry. Its broad line of actives is available in more than fifty different countries around the globe.


Mibelle Biochemistry operates independently within the Mibelle Group, which is the largest manufacturer of cosmetic end products in Switzerland. The Mibelle Group belongs to Migros, Switzerland’s largest retailer, which has over 94,000 employees. In 1925, Gottlieb Duttweiler founded Migros as a cooperative characterized by a unique social concept.


Inspired by nature – realized by science

Our scientists transform naturally derived plant compounds into truly functional bioactive cosmetic ingredients. Our R&D team makes use of state-of-the-art encapsulation technologies that will guarantee optimum bioavailability and thus ensure the maximum effectiveness of the active ingredients sourced.


Full service – maximum impact

All of our actives are supported by a biochemical concept, clinical studies – in vitro and in vivo – and considerable marketing documentation, which includes convincing selling tools, formulation guidelines and advantageous claim substantiation.

Being both comprehensive and comprehensible, our sales package is highly educational, and it supports our customers in positioning their products with the highest market impact. In addition, for most of our actives, we have scientific publications and patents in place.


Sustainability as added value for our customers

Our sustainability commitment is established in the core business and is being systematically developed further. Our customers thus gain the certainty that their products are always up-to-date ecologically. In addition to the pure product performance, we as a supplier and service provider thus also improve the sustainability performance of our customers, e.g. through improvement of the ecological footprint of their products, and thus pave the way for the long-term entrepreneurial success of our business partners.

MossCellTec No1

In 2008, Mibelle Biochemistry has developed a novel plant cell culture technology (PhytoCellTec™) that enables the large-scale cultivation of callus (stem) cells from rare and protected plant species, such as Malus Domestica. Sustainability facts on the PhytoCellTec™ technology:

  • Protection of the biodiversity and preservation of rare and protected plants: An extremely small amount of plant material (e.g. a fruit or a leaf) is needed to establish a plant stem cell line.
  • No competition for space: Agricultural land remains available for the cultivation of food as no valuable cultivated land is required for the production of bio mass.
  • Significantly reduced water consumption compared to the conventional cultivation of plants.
  • 100% naturally pure: No use of fertilizers, pesticides or other chemicals.
  • Completely free of genetic engineering / GMO
Phyto Cell Tec

The PhytoCellTec™ technology, which was recognized at the Rio20+ Sustainability Conference 2012 in Brazil as an Eco breakthrough, delivers a highly sustainable sourcing of this active. For further information: PhytoCellTec™.

Mibelle has an ISO 14001:2004 certified environmental management system.


Designing ideas for added value

In the fast moving cosmetic industry, innovation is the most important factor as it enables us to deliver new claims, new efficacy tests, new applications, new biochemical findings, as well as new marketing and communication tools to effectively differentiate products. At Mibelle Biochemistry, our mission is to design the most innovative actives for our customers.

Committed to visionary work

360 ° innovation

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Based on profound scientific expertise, we encourage our team to challenge themselves and continually develop new ideas.


Anticipating consumer needs

The scouting of trends, understanding the core values of the marketplace, the monitoring of scientific and technological developments, and close collaborations with dermatologists, universities and clinical test institutes, are essential to ensure that we fully understand the changing requirements of the consumer.

Working hand in hand with our customers

We are passionate about delivering the most professional levels of customer consultation and ensuring that every aspect of our service is undertaken in a timely and efficient manner.

Swiss quality as a distinctive essence

Meeting the highest standards of ingenious, solid research, the very latest technology, advanced education and rigorous quality procedures, ensure that we develop actives of the very highest quality with guaranteed availability.


At the forefront with production and technology, all in-house

Designing, developing and producing under the same roof improves overall efficiency and ensures a dynamic exchange of inspiration and knowledge amongst our skilled and passionate staff. It also grants accuracy, timely production, consistently outstanding quality, and constant availability.

Moss reactor

With numerous state-of-the-art technologies we are not only able to develop and produce distinct novel cosmetic actives but also fulfill customer requests in-house:

  • Liposome- and nanoemulsion technology
  • Plant stem cell culture production (PhytoCellTec™)
  • CM-Glucan production site
  • Snow algae biotechnology
  • Plant extracts
  • Peptide design
  • MossCellTec 
  • Powder production using fluidized bed technology

Flexible and dynamic processes enable our team to handle different production sizes both efficiently and in time. The basis under which we manufacture these Swiss quality products is the ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

Since the very first innovations that marked our company’s formation, committing to a sustainable technology approach, green chemistry and focusing on the ecosystem throughout the life cycle of our products, has enabled us to design actives responsibly, both now and in the future.

In-cosmetic global
in-cosmetics Global 2018

Gold Award at Innovation Zone Award
in-cosmetics Global 2018
Category ‘Best Ingredient’
MossCellTec™ No. 1

In-cosmetic  north america
in-cosmetics North America 2018

Gold Award at Innovation Zone Award
in-cosmetics North America 2018
Category ‘Best Ingredient’
MossCellTec™ No. 1

SEPAWA Innovation Award
SEPAWA Innovation Award

3 rd Prize at Sepawa Innovation Award 2018
Category ‘Best Ingredient’
MossCellTec™ No. 1

BSB Innovation Price
BSB Innovation Prize 2018

Gold Award at BSB Innovation Prize 2018
Category ‘most innovative raw material’
MossCellTec™ No. 1

BSB Innovation Prize 2017

Runner-up at the BSB Innovation Prize 2017
Category ‘most innovative raw material’

BSB Innovation Prize 2016

Runner-up at the BSB Innovation Prize 2016
Category ‘most innovative raw material’
RoyalEpigen P5

BSB Innovation Prize 2015

Category ‘most innovative raw material’
Perfection Peptide P7

BSB European Innovation Award 2014

Category ‘Best Active Ingredient’
New source of raw materials, new technology, new anti-ageing approach and innovative study methods
Snow Algae Powder

Frost & Sullivan’s Innovation Prize Awards 2014

Category ‘Best Anti-Aging Active Skin Care’
Snow Algae Powder

AnaGain Award
Advanced Ingredient Award 2014

Category ‘Most Innovative Hair Care Ingredient’

Sustainable Beauty Awards 2014
Sustainable Beauty Awards 2014

Runner-up at the Sustainable Beauty Awards 2014 for its sustainable processing methods
PhytoCellTec™ nunatak®

Cosmetics Business Innovation Awards 

Category ‘Best Ingredient’ 2013
PhytoCellTec™ Symphytum

Golden CPCIA Award

Category ‘Best Anti-Aging Ingredient’ 2013

Silver Award at Innovation Zone

Best Ingredient Award in-cosmetics Europe 2013

Silver Award at Innovation Zone

Best Ingredient Award in-cosmetics Asia 2013

Silver Award at BSB Innovation Prize 2013
Award Logo 2011
Frost & Sullivan’s Innovation Prize Awards 2011

Category ‘Best Dermatological Active’

CPCIA Gold Award 2011

Category ‘Best Sun Protection’

BSB European Innovation Award 2011

Category ‘Best Active Ingredient’
The very first active with proven efficacy on DERMAL stem cells, which targets a deeper skin layer and achieves fundamental skin rejuvenation.
PhytoCellTec™ Argan

BSB European Innovation Award 2008

Category ‘Best Active Ingredient’
The world’s first active based on plant stem cells.
PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica

BSB European Innovation Award 2006

Category ‘Best Active Ingredient’

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015

ISO norm for quality management systems

ISO 22716:2007
ISO 22716:2007

ISO norm for Cosmetic GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

ISO 14001:2015

ISO norm for environmental management systems


GMP standard for cosmetic ingredients 2012 of the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (EFfCI)


Global Standard for Consumer Products Personal Care and Household

ISO 22000:2005
ISO 22000:2005

ISO norm for Food safety management systems


Halal Approval Certificate


ECOCERT certification /Ecocert COSMOS approvals

Swiss Private Sector Energy
Swiss Private Sector Energy Agency

Voluntary Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency