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DracoBelle™ Nu

Key to skin’s beauty by boosting collagen repair

DracoBelle™ Nu is a unique water-soluble powder extract from organically grown Moldavian Dragonhead. Our clinical results demonstrate a significant improvement of skin moisture, elasticity and density. This makes DracoBelle™ Nu the perfect natural ingredient for beauty-from-within and anti-aging products for nutraceuticals, food supplements and functional foods. 


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Mode of Action

DracoBelle™ Nu activates the anti-aging and longevity intrinsic pathway of AMPK/ FOXO, which is known to directly support the build-up of extracellular matrix. It increases the amount of collagen in the skin and leads to a youthful looking with dense and elastic skin.


  • beauty from within 
  • anti-aging and rejuvenation
  • collagen repair
  • skin regeneration
  • skin hydration

Clinical Results

Daily intake of DracoBelle™ Nu significantly increased skin moisture, elasticity and density. The majority of the volunteers felt much better with the appearance of their skin and were very satisfied by the product performance at the end of the study trial. 

Plant source

DracoBelle™ Nu is purely plant based. The aerial parts of the cultivated Moldavian Dragonhead, which is rich in strong antioxidants called flavonoid-glucuronides, are being used to prepare the extract. This plant native in Central Asia, is a very aromatic, beautiful annual edible plant with a pleasant lemon-balm aroma. The flowers and leaves, fresh and dried, can also be used to prepare fresh herbal tea.


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