FenuKale™ Nu

Pollution-detox and beauty formula

FenuKale™ Nu is a plant extract rich in antioxidants, deriving from blue fenugreek and kale. This powerful ingredient protects the skin from harmful environmental factors causing accelerated skin aging. It prevents epigenetic changes caused by air pollutants. Significant positive effects on skin parameters have been demonstrated in a placebo controlled clinical study. 


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Mode of Action

An interplay of three mechanisms protect the skin from air pollutants, a known detrimental factor to human health. FenuKale™ Nu reduces oxidative cell damages caused by extremely small pollution particles found in the air. It also counteracts unfavorable epigenetic changes in the cells and supports endothelial function. 


  • anti-pollution products                                              
  • healthy aging
  • detox formula
  • skin beauty products

Clinical Results

FenuKale™ Nu significantly improved the moisture level in skin exposed to highly polluted air. This was measured through two relevant markers, the trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) and the content of moisture in the skin. This helps to prevent skin irritations, dry skin, and atopic dermatitis. These findings were also confirmed by a questionnaire given for self-assessment to the participants. Skin moisture and luminescence received the highest satisfaction scores.

Plant source

FenuKale™ Nu is an extract from two powerful plants, blue fenugreek, and kale. Blue fenugreek belongs to the bean family and is traditionally used as a spice in cheese, bread, and spreads. This plant rich in antioxidant is native to the Alps and the Caucasus area. Kale belongs to the cabbage family and has gained huge popularity as a detox superfood, being rich in important nutrients. 


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