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How to formulate the MossCellTec™ Aloe Hydrating Facial Mask

When I read product descriptions about face masks, they seem to me to be multitasking all-rounders. Freshness, glow, anti-wrinkle - instant effect, including mental relaxation. But what do you do if you also want to use a clean beauty product that is in line with the Skinimalism trend?

So either you go to the garden centre and buy an aloe vera plant and then rub its pulp on your face. Or you can put the plant in your garden and use our new MossCellTec™ Aloe Hydrating Facial Mask.

During the development, it was very important to me personally that I use few ingredients, but still achieve a maximum result. To match the MossCellTec™ Aloe, it should be a light, refreshing formulation for summer, but also suitable for dry and mature skin.

No sooner said than done. The active ingredient is very uncomplicated and leaves hardly anything to be desired. It cannot be mixed with oil, but is otherwise very versatile.

Of the 11 raw materials I used, most are Cosmos certified again. In addition, the focus of this formulation is on moisture. The light gel consists of xanthan gum and sclerotium gum. Both are known for their moisture-binding properties, making them perfect for a summer product. I used the homogeniser to incorporate the two gel formers so that no lumps would form. I then incorporated the remaining raw materials using only a paddle stirrer. In order to completely follow the Clean Beauty trend, I used a cold production process to consume as little additional energy as possible.

The Cosmos certified perfume provides mental relaxation after applying the mask to cleansed skin. It smells of fresh, green plants and absolute tranquillity. After 10 minutes, you can either remove it with a cloth or gently massage it in.

For more information on MossCellTec™ Aloe and how best to use it, please see the Formulation Guidelines below.


Written by

Antje Düring