Irene Montaño

Meet Irene, our International Sales Manager!


My name is Irene and I am responsible for the region of Latin America, Iberia and Greece. 

I joined Mibelle Biochemistry more than a decade ago. Previously I worked for several years in research and it was while doing my PhD in Zürich that I focused in the biology and physiology of the skin. When I learned about the astounding portfolio of Mibelle Biochemistry I became inspired by the concepts!

Now more than ever we need to think about the basic needs, like water for example. Water is an essential nutrient that helps nearly every part of the human body to function efficiently. Every system in the body, from cells and tissues, to vital organs like the skin requires water to function. The water content in the skin decreases from 80 % in the inner layers to 13 % in the surface at stratum corneum. To maintain the corresponding water content, my preferred ingredient is Lipobelle™ Glacier. Based on pure Swiss glacier water from a height of more than 4000 m, encapsulated in liposomes, Lipobelle Glacier gives 24 h refreshing hydration. It also helps to protect the skin cells on hot days while maintaining the moisture all day long. It really does its job by brining in-depth moisture to the skin.

Through a cross functional hard-working team, we are able in Mibelle Biochemistry to discover and fulfill the needs of our customers offering unique concepts.

Our team, from Switzerland through France till the US, is remarkable and professional. I am so proud to be part of it and very happy to work with all my colleagues.

Irene Montaño
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PhD Irene Montaño