New launch: EpiCalsome™

Supramolecular calcium for barrier repair

The loss of the skin’s calcium gradient is a key driver of barrier disruption and skin aging. Therefore, replenishing the skin’s calcium stores may be a way of combatting the aging barrier dysfunction.

EpiCalsome™ is a new superior calcium delivery system that protects and renews the skin. The novel technology encapsulates calcium ions with phospholipids of the highest quality, which makes calcium optimally bioavailable to the skin.

EpiCalsome™ represents an innovative double cone vectorsystem that encapsulates calcium for a simple and efficient delivery of bioavailable calcium to the skin (patent-pending application).

Benefits of EpiCalsome™:

  • Replenishes calcium levels in aged skin
  • Protects and repairs damaged skin
  • Induces faster skin recovery
  • Fortifies delicate skin
  • Prevents skin dryness and irritation


Find more information about EpiCalsome™ here.

Christine Meier
Written by

Christine Meier