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We all know that maintaining a healthy weight is important for our health. But an imbalance of diet, physical inactivity or sleep deprivation may lead to undesired weight gain. An easy way to get a rough idea on where you stand with your weight is to calculate your body mass index (BMI), a commonly used tool to correlate risk of health problems with your body weight.


There is no doubt that the best way to stay healthy is through a combination of exercise and dietary habits. Body metabolism is the sum of the energy or calories your body needs when being at rest, also called basal metabolic rate (BMR) and energy you spend for exercising and non-exercise activities. By the age of 50, there can be an up to 30 percent drop of calorie used. Research shows that losing muscle and being less active are the most important reasons why your metabolism may slow down with age. But other factors such as overweight and unhealthy lifestyle can also contribute to this status. Typical signs for low BMR can be craving for sweets and snacks, chronic fatigue or a lack of body and mental energy.

Energize your life!

SantEnergy™ Nu has the potential to support the body towards a healthier aging and a more balanced metabolic rate. A plant called Yerba Santa, which is growing on dry rocky hillsides in California, Oregon and Mexico, is the secret of SantEnergy™ Nu. It’s flowers and leaves smell pleasantly aromatic, especially on a warm day.

This antioxidant rich herb has been used there for many centuries medicinally by the Native Americans for various indications. The leaves were smoked or chewed to relieve asthma, coughs, colds and headaches. With these leaves you can also prepare tea, mouthwashes, tonic or as a poultice for topical use to relieve muscle spasm. Interestingly Yerba Santa is also known to mask certain bitter notes, such as caffeine among others.

yerba santa
SantEnergy™ Nu is a very versatile plant source

Being rich in flavonoids it was no surprise to see that the Yerba Santa extract has strong antioxidative effect, but when tested against other well-known natural antioxidants, we discovered that SantEnergy™ Nu was much stronger than rosemary or pomegranate extract. This attribute helps to prevent effectively cell damaging, which is a further risk factor for metabolic disorders.

Although naturally caffeine free, when investigating on the energizing effect of SantEnergy™ Nu compared to pure caffeine, we found caffeine-like effect related to this interesting plant extract. The good news is that it does not show any of the withdrawal symptoms usually coming with the intake of caffeine through your coffee or energy drink, making SantEnergy™ Nu a very good natural alternative source for caffeine-free energy boosters.       

But the most astonishing effect was observed when taking SantEnergy™ Nu over a period of 12 weeks by overweight women (BMI >25). They significantly lost body weight and body fat, without changing any of their nutritional and exercising habits. Most importantly there was less of the satiety hormone leptin in their blood after at the end of the study. This hormone is produced by fat cells in your body, with the main role to regulate fat storage. The more fat you carry, the more leptin the cells produce. The reduction of this hormone therefore is beneficial for a more balanced energy metabolism.


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Written by

Alice Olufeso