Brain fuel coming from nature

Did you know that our brain is the largest and most complex organ in human body, weights 1.5kg and is made 60% out of fat? It contains 86 billion nerve cells, called the gray matter and can store up to 1000GB of data. Interestingly our brain is not fully formed until the age of 25 and has its peak in human facial recognition in the mid-thirties.

Today we know that cognitive performance tends to decline naturally as people age. This is a result of many factors, such as the reduction in release of neurotransmitter, a kind of messenger in brain tissues and a decrease in neurotransmitter receptor density and sensitivity. This is not only a health concern of working professionals, busy mums and students, but also of the aging population. Scientific innovation is enhancing the way we live and “brain boosters” are a way to help consumers to maximise their cognitive abilities. (Mintel, 2025 BPC Trend). These boosters are also called nootropics and have gained attention in recent years as a class of supplements that help to advance cognitive functions by increasing focus, attention, mental energy, creativity, learning abilities and stress resistance.


Caffeine and B-vitamins are one of the most commonly used cognitive booster, but there are also many other plant-based nootropics currently on market such as Gingko biloba, Ginseng, Bacopa monnieri, green oat and green tea just to name a few. Scientists say that a good way to optimize cognitive function is to get enough sleep, eat nutrient-dense diet and manage the stress level. Once you have those basics right, nootropics can help to make you think more clearly and sharply or reduce your chances of cognitive decline as you age.

Most nootropics are available in capsules, tablets and soft gels today, but many beverages and shots have been launched recently, making it more attractive and trendier to consumers. Other potential application forms can range from gummies to cereal bars for immediate cognitive support during a presentation and exam or also as a complementary supplement for today’s hectic lifestyles


Be focused – stay smart!

SaraPEPP™ Nu is a unique, natural and highly bioavailable nootropic, consisting of Timut Pepper and MCT oil. The plant is native to the southern parts of the Himalaya and grows there at altitudes above 800 meters. The botanical name of Timut Pepper is Zanthoxylum armatum. This deciduous and spiny shrub can grow up to 3.5 meters in height. The capsule fruits turn reddish-brown when mature and break open, where you can find up to 4 small black seeds. They are being harvested between August and early October.

It is a member of the citrus family, which may explain its pleasant grapefruit note. This Timut pepper is very commonly used as a spice in the Nepalese kitchen, especially in dumplings, wok dishes, pickles and chutneys.         


In a placebo-controlled, double blind clinical study with healthy volunteers aged 30-55 years, we could demonstrate the significant impact of SaraPEPP™ Nu on various cognitive factors, after an acute-single dose intake as well as after chronic daily intake of SaraPEPP™ Nu over a period of 8 weeks:

  • Significant effects on memory, attention and mental performance already after first intake
  • Increased mental performance
  • Reduced ratings of mental fatigue


SaraPEPP™ Nu is an oil soluble liquid, suitable for the use in dietary supplements and functional foods such as soft gels, beverage emulsions, soft chews or cereal bars. Thanks to the MCT oil carrier, it can be easily blended with other lipid-soluble nutrients, e.g. omegas or vitamin A&E.

Written by

Alice Olufeso