Cooking with Timut Pepper

The timut pepper is a unique, versatile spice that has a very distinctive taste. Discover how to use it in your kitchen!

A Nepalese spice

Timut pepper, the base for our newest launch TiMOOD™ and our cognitive enhancer SaraPEPP Nu, grows in the Nepalese mountains. It is actually a "false pepper", meaning the peppercorns are actually berry husks.

The timut pepper has strong citrusy notes of grapefruit. It is not spicy and does not offer a lot of heat. Instead timut pepper elevates and adds complex flavors to your main courses, and is therefore a great add-on in the kitchen.

How to cook with Timut Pepper?

The timut pepper is really versatile and can be used in the kitchen to season chicken or fish dishes, salads, and even desserts. We figured out it goes very well with fondue as well (melted cheese, a traditional Swiss dish).

As an inspiration, try our "Timut Pepper Beef", a medium spicy Asian-inspired dish that tastes delicious with steamed rice. 


Christine Meier
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Christine Meier