Cryo Beauty

The coolest beauty trend of the moment promises younger looking skin and an enviable glow.


The Greek word "kryo" means "cold" - cryotherapy therefore refers to a medical treatment using cold. It has been used by people since ancient times and is said to have many beneficial effects physically and mentally. The cold reduces the blood flow, inhibits inflammation and reduces pain.

Cryotherapy can be applied either locally, when just a part of the body is exposed to the cold, or as whole-body treatment, like an ice immersion bath or the visit of a cold chamber for about 1-3 minutes (-60 to -120 °C). These cold chambers have had a real boom recently - they promise holistic health and fitness benefits, such as

  • Improved performance due to more energy
  • Shortened regeneration times
  • Recovery of body and mind
  • Increased vitality and anti-aging effects
  • Improved appearance of the skin


Since Wim Hoff, taking ice baths has become more and more popular. Even celebrities like Madonna or Lady Gaga swear by the rejuvenating effect of these ice-cold experiences.

Cryo in Skincare

It's only been within the last year that the ultra-cold treatment has made its way into the facial space as well. With a cryo facial, or also playfully called “frotox”, the skin is treated with local cold. In this non-invasive therapy, the face is blown with ice-cold nitrogen for about six minutes. The shock freezing causes the vessels to constrict, which instantly tightens the skin. The pores contract and small wrinkles are smoothed out. The skin immediately looks fresher, plumper and rejuvenated. On top of that, the cold stimulates the body's own collagen production.

Cryo Beauty at home

There are more and more products popping up on the market which allow you to enjoy the benefits of cryotherapy in your very own bathroom. Tools like the jade roller or the gua sha are now stored in the fridge and used directly from there, and tools especially for cryo therpay such as cryo sticks or cryo roller are available.

Also some brands have taken on the trend and launched special cryo-beauty products. Amongst others, Nivea and Lancôme have just launched cryo-masks which are stored in the fridge.

Charlotte Tilbury’s new face mask takes the glow-boosting benefits of cryotherapy to a whole new level. After using ice as a backstage quick fix for years, Charlotte has created two easy-to-use cryotherapy products that works to depuff, lift skin and boost glow at home: The Cryo-Recovery Mask is a reusable, silicone mask that is embedded with cooling gel bead pockets, and the cooling eye serum with caffeine and ICEAWAKE™ has an instant eye-awakening effect.

cryo beauty
cryo beauty
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Christine Meier