Highlights and Insights from the 40th Winter Seminar in Davos

We had the delightful opportunity to take part in the 40th Winter Seminar in Davos! This annual meeting, organized by the SWISS SCC, provided us with a platform to share insights on the fascinating topic of longevity. 

The 40th Winter Seminar in Davos, organized by the SWISS SCC, was an inspiring gathering of professionals and enthusiasts from the cosmetics industry. Under the theme "Cosmetics: The Balancing Act between Nature and Science", the seminar from February 4th to 7th provided a platform for exchanging insights and discussing innovations in the industry. 

The opening speech by Philipp Zutt from ZUTT & PARTNER AG set the tone for the event by highlighting the role of emotions in consumer behavior within the cosmetics industry. The diverse program covered a wide range of topics, from regulatory aspects to innovative testing methods. Sustainability was particularly in focus, with in-depth discussions about the certification of natural and organic cosmetics, sustainability standards for cosmetic products, and the challenges posed by non-degradable chemicals such as PFAS. Participants were given insights into bio-fermentation in natural perfumery and the impacts of artificial intelligence on the industry. The seminar also put the trending topic of the skin microbiome center stage with several exciting presentations. 

Our contribution to the program was the presentation "From Longevity to Skin Rejuvenation: A Journey Through the Hallmarks of Aging". In this presentation, we emphasized the importance of longevity and healthy aging in our modern society. We illuminated the main features of aging, as published by Carlos López-Otín and his team, and discussed current anti-aging strategies aimed at promoting healthy aging and extending the healthy lifespan. We particularly focused on interventions to combat aging, especially on everyday strategies such as physical activity and calorie restriction, as well as the role of dietary supplements and medications. A special point of our presentation was the increasing interest in NAD+ precursor molecules. These have the potential to increase the NAD+ level in the body and could thereby exhibit anti-aging effects. Furthermore, we have placed the topic of longevity in the context of cosmetics. The stimulating discussions and constructive feedback that followed our presentation were extremely encouraging and inspiring. 

Hallmarks of aging: An expanding universe - ScienceDirect

In addition to the professional exchange, the Winter Seminar also offered an excellent opportunity for networking during the dinners and a sightseeing tour of Davos. We are already looking forward to the next Winter Seminar in 2025 and are excited about the new discussions and insights it will bring.