New Launch: IceAwake™

We proudly present our new active ingredient to fighting aging in sleep-deprived skin

Today's hectic lifestyle, increased levels of stress and poor sleep hygiene inevitably affect both the quality and quantity of sleep. This sleep deprivation leads to a tired appearance in the short term, but it is also an important aging factor in the long term. On a cellular level, this tired appearance is caused by inefficient protein folding in combination with a lack of ATP, which is the cell’s energy currency. This leads to increased stress in the skin cells which in turn results in faster aging.

IceAwake™ helps to break this vicious cycle. It is based on a biotechnologically produced unique bacterium (Iodobacter ssp.) which was discovered by Mibelle Biochemistry under a Swiss glacier, where it has now been reawakened following many years lying dormant below the ice.


• Energizes tired skin

• Reduces wrinkles after only two weeks

• Increases radiance despite a hectic lifestyle


In clinical studies conducted on volunteers who experience poor sleep quality and a hectic lifestyle, IceAwake™ visibly rejuvenated the skin appearance by decreasing wrinkle depth, increasing radiance, and reducing the tired appearance for a refreshed look.

Esther Belser
Written by

Esther Belser Gisi