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New Launch: The Pioneering Ingredient for Healthy Aging

Mibelle Biochemistry presents MonaJuventa™ Nu, an innovative ingredient promoting healthy aging.

People want to live long, healthy lives. The process of natural aging, however, is multifaceted and complex. Scientists have identified twelve essential mechanisms that play a significant role in this process, collectively referred to as the hallmarks of aging. Addressing these hallmarks can aid in slowing down biological aging, also known as epigenetic aging. Influenced by factors such as lifestyle, diet, genetics, and environment, this biological age is determined by evaluating various biomarkers and reflects how old your cells are. Consequently, this biological aging can progress more rapidly or more slowly than an individual's chronological age. 

Mibelle Biochemistry presents MonaJuventa™ Nu, an innovative ingredient promoting healthy aging. It is the first botanical extract capable of tackling eight out of the twelve hallmarks of aging, including key mechanisms of epigenetic alteration and telomere attrition. Telomeres are protective barriers located at the ends of human chromosomes and shorten with each cell division. This ultimately leads to cell death, a process known as cell senescence. By reducing the rate of this shortening, telomeres can retain their length and influence thereby the lifespan. 

MonaJuvena™ Nu is extracted from the scarlet beebalm, a plant native to North America. The vibrant red flowers are a favorite among birds and insects due to their nectar. The leaves are rich in antioxidants, particularly didymin, which is known to boost mitochondrial and endothelial function. A daily supplementation of 100mg MonaJuventa™ Nu over a three-month period has the astonishing ability to rewind the epigenetic clock by nearly two years in human. Additionally, it significantly impedes the shortening of telomeres, thereby having a crucial impact on their length.  

This next generation ingredient for longevity has a pleasant herbal taste and dissolves well in water. This allows the development of a wide range of different applications within the space of rejuvenation supplements. MonaJuventa™ Nu contributes to the reversal of aging and promotes extended life- and healthspan by: 

  • Slowing down epigenetic aging 
  • Reducing telomere shortening  
  • Lowering oxidative stress 
  • Protecting from chronic inflammation 
  • Stimulating ATP production 
  • Increasing Quality of Life (QOL) 
  • Improving physical activity levels and sleep quality 


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MonaJuventa™ Nu
Written by

Alice Olufeso