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New peer-reviewed article on Timut pepper

Published in the journal Nutrients, the paper describes the longevity-promoting effect of Timut pepper extract, contained in our active ingredients SaraPEPP™ Nu and TiMOOD™

The described experimental assays were carried out on Caenorhabditis elegans, a transparent nematode of about 1 mm in length, that naturally populates soil and survives by feeding on microbes. In the lab, C. elegans can be easily maintained on agar plates seeded with non-pathogenic bacteria as a food source. Its lifespan lasts about 30 days at 20 °C, which makes it a widely used model organism in longevity research. 

Thanks to a long-standing collaboration with ETH Zürich and with our research partner Magnitude Biosciences, we could demonstrate that Timut pepper extract:

  • extends C. elegans lifespan at different maintenance temperatures;
  • enhances the proportion of active young nematodes;
  • enhances speed and distance moved, including as the nematodes age;
  • induces collagen expression.


Furthermore, in the publication we discussed the close relationship between longevity and cognition, underlying the importance of the “longevity-brain-axis". 

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Written by

Giovanna Grigolon