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Peer-reviewed publication on SLVR'Coffee™

At Mibelle Biochemistry, we focus on discovering novel active ingredients with solid, scientific proof of efficacy.

Therefore, we must share our findings with the scientific community, enabling a constructive discussion that allows us to receive feedback on the work done.  We believe this is the only way to grow and develop into a better organization while making our research accessible to everyone. 

As we learned that the International Journal of Molecular Sciences was releasing a special issue on “High Value-Added Compounds from Food Wastes and By-Products”, we couldn’t help but think of our active ingredient SLVR'Coffee™ obtained from Coffee Silverskin, the epidermis of the coffee bean. So we decided to take the chance and submit a manuscript that tells the story of this novel, upcycled active ingredient.


As is often the case, successful ideas arise from the concerted work of different minds coming together. Initially, we thought of upcycling Coffee Silverskin, a waste by-product of the coffee industry, given the existing scientific knowledge on the promising properties of this material. We then sourced Coffee Silverskin from one of the largest coffee roasteries in Switzerland, and our German collaborator NATECO2 helped us obtain a precious extract thereof. Furthermore, thanks to the molecular characterization performed by NatExplore in France, we could identify potent bioactive molecules enriched in the Coffee Silverskin extract, such as cafestol and kahweol fatty acid esters. Our Development Team established the final active ingredient preparation, while the Research Team organized the in vitro and clinical studies that proved its efficacy. 

Overall, we could show that: 

In vitro 

Coffee Silverskin extract upregulates the expression of genes involved in oxidative stress responses and skin-barrier functionality in keratinocytes. 

In vivo 

SLVR'Coffee™ protects the skin against irritation and accelerates its recovery. In female volunteers, it improves measured as well as perceived skin hydration on dry legs. 

SlVR coffee

For the writing of the manuscript, all parties involved described their findings and the techniques used to achieve them. The result is a comprehensive overview of the whole invention process, testifying to collaborative work and a joint effort, which can be helpful for others to read.  

Now, grab a coffee and check it out by clicking the link below!  

From Coffee Waste to Active Ingredient for Cosmetic Applications

Written by

Giovanna Grigolon