The Enigmatic Face of Beauty Claims in the European Union

Unquestionably, the field of food supplements is fast growing and constantly developing. Beauty supplements or nutricosmetics originate from the intersection of nutrition and personal care. It is a new trend, associated with ‘beauty from within’ and it comprises an increasing market with devoted consumers who use relevant products worldwide on a daily basis. The regulatory framework of food supplements for beauty, as well as of the used claims, is quite challenging in EU level owing to the fact that they may fall within grey areas between food, medicinal and/or cosmetic legislation.

The article “The Enigmatic Face of Beauty Claims in the European Union: Regulation of Claims Made on Food Supplements on the ‘Beauty from Within’ Context” of Ioanna Bousoula published in European Food and Feed Law Review (EFFL 4, 2019) discusses the regulatory outline of beauty claims made on food supplements within the EU.

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