How to formulate with SantEnergy™

In our new mini-series "How to formulate with", we would like to give you some tips and tricks about formulating with our active ingredients.


We start the mini-series with our brand-new active ingredient SantEnergy™.

SantEnergy™ is a distinctive polyphenol-rich extract sustainably obtained from the aerial parts of the plant Yerba Santa. It optimally delays aging of hair follicles and increases both hair growth and hair density.

The extract is liquid and the color is yellow – amber. It could be that the formulation also has a touch of yellow or amber.

You should pay attention to the following points when formulating with SantEnergy™:

  • The pH of the formulation should be in the range between 4.0 and 8.0
  • The extract is water soluble and not oil soluble. Therefore, add the extract to the water phase for cold production. For hot production, add SantEnergy™ after cooling down (below 40°C).
  • SantEnergy™ tolerates different gel formers e.g. xanthan gum, cellulose, carbomer and acrylate polymer. It creates a clear gel.
  • It can be clearly formulated into a shampoo with different charged surfactants.
  • The addition of ethanol is also no problem for SantEnergy™.
  • SantEnergy™ in combination with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein can lead to turbidity.
  • We recommend a use level of 1 – 2%.


Here is a guide formulation with SantEnergy™ for a Energizing Scalp Serum:

Written by

Melina Reichmuth