New Beauty Trend: "Skin Icing"

A new beauty trend promising the ultimate glow for your face!

A skin that always looks fresh and glowy - with a simple treatment from home? That sounds almost too good to be true, but is exactly what a new beauty trend is promising. "Skin Icing" is one of the latest trends in skin care that is flooding our social media accounts.

So what is the hype about? The positive effects of a cold shock on our skin are already known (think of cooling eye gels with a decongestant effect, or the "freezing treatments" in an ice-cold room) - the cold tightenes the skin and (supposingly) promotes the body to burn fat. 

But Skin Icing can do even more: As it increases blood circulation, it should wake up the skin and give it new radiance. But how exactly does the trend work? 


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Skin Icing with ice cubes

The easiest way to skin icing at home is to use ice cubes, and massage them to (previously cleansed) skin with circular movements until the cube has melted. The cooling effect makes the pores optically smaller, swellings in the face are reduced, contours look lifted and the skin gets a healthy glow - like fresh from a winter walk. 

Skin Icing with Tools

For those who are a bit more advanced it their skincare routine, and want to avoid the dripping of melting ice cubes, the industry provides a bunch of interesting tools which use the same icing-effect, like for example a cryo ball, face ice globes, face ice cubes or cyro freeze tools.

Wheter ice cubes or fancy tools, the effects are the same: The skin is glowing and rejuvenated, pores are minimized, and the face looks more contoured and lifted.

For those who are looking for a wake-up effect on their skin without an icing experience, or who want to prolong the effect with a good moistrizer to follow, we recommend our ingredient IceAwake™ which energizes tired skin and visibly rejuvenated the skin appearance and radiance.



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