Sports Nutrition Summit 2020: Updates and Trends in the Industry

An occasion for brands, manufacturers, scientists and industry opinion leaders to come together and learn from each other. 

I recently had the opportunity to listen to keynote speakers, observe group panel presentations and host an individual booth highlighting SaraPEPP Nu amidst the sunshine in San Diego in February.  Mibelle Biochemistry was a sponsor for this interactive and educational event organized by in which there were over 170 attendees.

The conference consisted of multiple topics and occasions for attendees to interact with each other. There was a group 5K run in which participants tried new pre and post workout products.  The roundtable luncheon offered 10 different issues trending in the industry.  I participated in a lively conversation on CBD: trends, clinical data and risks.  A networking dinner allowed for a casual environment to share ideas, provide feedback and schedule future discussions. 

sports summit

Group panels and key opinion leaders covered subjects such as:

  • Empowering the female athlete
  • The evolution of sports nutrition products: an overview of its history
  • Attention to consumer claims
  • How eating and sleep patterns impact athletic performance
  • Delivery systems importance to ingredient absorption
  • Technology that can improve popular ingredient functionality
  • The impact of protein and probiotics on recovery for serious and amateur athletes

Of great interest impacting the Mibelle portfolio was the topic on how cognitive support is key for enhanced focus, increased mental energy, improving reaction time, and reducing stress for athletes.

The Mibelle booth highlighted the benefits of SaraPEPP Nu which gained interest from brands and manufacturers. The sports nutrition product category is expanding its focus beyond hard core products for the serious workout fanatic to categories such as the moderate athlete, casual users and fitness lifestyle adopters.  Boosting brain health and energy are a key focus for product lines.  Mental health for athletes is a defining parameter for success.  SaraPEPP Nu is a great fit for beverages and shot products for sports and active nutrition formulations.  Attendees of the conference were impressed by the recently published data and enjoyed a sample of the shot prototypes. 

Brain performance is one of 7 subjects that will be discussed in Amsterdam at the Sports Nutrition Summit EU in October.

The nutritional industry is expanding at a rapid pace and that includes sports nutrition brands.  Keeping up with key trends and new formulations is ever important to finding the right niche for Mibelle Food & Health branded ingredients.  Focus on how best to market new concepts to a variety of consumer segments continues to be integral for product development.   This summit provided many opportunities to learn and network with key contacts for future success in growing our business.

Written by

Kristi Serena