How to formulate with TiMOOD™

Who doesn't know it? A day full of meetings, working from morning to night, a quick shopping trip after work and at home your family is waiting. There is no time to relax. But that's exactly what our body, soul and skin need.

Because the skin also reacts to stress, it can lead to pimples, redness and an uneven skin tone. This is exactly where our new active ingredient TiMOOD™ comes into action. It not only makes you look good, it also makes you feel good.

TiMOOD™ owes its grapefruit-like note from the Timut pepper. The Timut pepper is also known as Nepalese pepper. It grows in the southern part of the Himalayas and especially in Nepal.

With this fresh, relaxing scent in your nose, you already feel more relaxed, and when you add our Feel-Good Butter-in-Gel with TiMOOD™, the day can only go on more relaxed.

Feel-Good Butter-in-Gel with TiMOOD™

The formula consists of an oil phase and a water phase, just like a cream. The only difference is that the oil phase has not been homogeneously incorporated into the water phase, instead it is visible as a white-yellowish butter in the water phase.

When you then apply the product on your skin, you get the effect of a light cream. The oil phase of the Feel-Good Butter-in-Gel with TiMOOD™ contains shea butter, mango kernel butter and the Acticire (jojoba wax, mimosa wax and sunflower wax). This combination has a moisturizing, soothing and nourishing effect on the skin.

The water phase contains glycerin to moisturize the skin and a natural gelling agent to keep the butter nicely distributed in the product. Finally, the formula is topped up with our active ingredient TiMOOD™. This has been shown in studies to reduce redness and an increased evenness of the complexion, which then leads to a healthier and fresher complexion. For the first time, we have studied not only the measurable effects on the skin of the volunteers after the application of our active ingredient, but also the emotional state. This improved significantly and the volunteers felt less stressed and more relaxed.

The Feel-Good Butter-in-Gel with TiMOOD™ serves as inspiration. Of course, our TiMOOD™ can also be used in many other formulations. TiMOOD™ can be used in both W/O as well as O/W emulsions and gels, only pure oil formulations are difficult because the extract is water-based. For more information, please have a look at our formulation guidelines.

Now I wish you a relaxed formulation!

Written by

Melina Reichmuth