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Trending: Exosomes

Most experts mention exosomes as THE skincare trend for 2024. 

What are exosomes?

Don’t let the scientific name put you off. Exosomes are a tiny piece of material extracted from a cell. These vesicles carry proteins and genetic information throughout the body and create paths for communication between cells. This little molecule is essentially a messenger and it carries information to other cells, telling them to behave in a certain way.  

Exosomes play an important role in numerous biological processes, including immune response, cell-to-cell communication, waste disposal and even disease processes such as cancer. They can also serve as biomarkers for various diseases, as their composition often reflects conditions and changes in the cells from which they originate.

Research on exosomes is an active and exciting field that is expanding our understanding of cell communication and disease mechanisms. While research is still at a very early stage, this technology shows potential therapeutic applications in regenerative medicine. Target product innovation leveraging this ingredient story to showcase efficacy and claim substantiation amidst the medicalization of facial skincare.

Market Data

According to market research firm Grand View Research, the global exosomes market spanning therapeutic and cosmetic use was valued at over $112 million in 2022 and is projected to expand at a whopping 33% compound annual growth rate by 2030.

Also, consumer interest in exosomes is growing. According to data intelligence firm Spate, Google search volume in the United States for exosomes has climbed 17% over the last year to 31,800 on average monthly.


Exosomes in Skincare

Exosomes are known to be unstable and have a short half life and must be stored at a specific temperature.

There aren't that many ways to administer exosomes at home just yet; while there are some skincare brands that use exosomes in products, the options are still fairly limited (and the prices are very high).

Despite the hurdle, companies are managing to put exosomes in conventional skincare, particularly in South Korea, an exosome pioneer.

Fact is: Exosomes are a big hot topic, expect more launches and innovations in this exciting field, coming from beauty/medical spa into skincare. 

PhytoCellTec™ Goji

One of our active ingredients matches the trend of exosomes very well, it is PhytoCellTec™ Goji. It does not contain exosomes, but it boosts exosmome production and signaling. We could show that PhytoCellTec™ Goji stimulates stem cells to produce more exosomes with collagen stimulating messenger molecules. This leads to an increased production of collagen and elastin in the fibroblasts.

In-vivo results show an improvement of wrinkle depth and skin density in photo-aged skin. Learn more here!

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