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Mibelle Biochemistry Food & Health at the Arnold Sports Show

What began as a one-day professional bodybuilding competition in Columbus, Ohio in 1989 has grown into the world’s largest multi-sport fitness festival, with four days of sports competitions, demonstrations, seminars, entertainment and the latest fitness products.

This year over 15'000 Athletes (men and women), from more than 80 Nations came together to compete in 50+ Sports & Events to celebrate the shows 35th anniversary.

The Arnold Sports Festival competition is invite only and offers cash prizes.

This sports competition goes beyond traditional weightlifting to include boxing, MMA, jousting and foosball to name a few.  There is an electric energy that can be felt throughout the various stages and arenas from participants and viewers. Competitors are cheered on by their supporters whether in the practice area or on the main stage giving it their all this one time after a year of intense preparation. 

One noticeable difference at this show versus other shows I have attended is the significantly healthier food for sale options. Chicken, salmon and rice replace typical trade show food such as pizza, burgers and fries. This is a year round lifestyle for those who are immersed in the sports nutrition industry and preparing for competition.

Mibelle Biochemistry's Food & Health division offers unique branded ingredients such as SantEnergy Nu, Sara PEPP Nu and the newly launched EnduBerry Nu that are great options for innovative sports nutrition formulations which were of interest to the many sports nutrition brands in attendance; Arms Race Nutrition, MuscleTech, Monster Energy/Reign, Wolfpack Supplements, Celsius, Vade Nutrition, G Code and many more!

A highlight for Mibelle Biochemistry was the showcase of a product that included SantEnergy Nu being sold at the festival. Mibelle Biochemistry offered sports bottles and sample prototypes that included EnduBerry™ Nu shots and Sara PEPP Nu stick packs to brands attending the show. 

Looking forward to next year!

Written by

Kristi Serena